We now offer Semaglutide, a weight loss medication to assist adults in weight management.

For only $233 a Month
*First purchase is a 3 Month supply!

What is it?

Semaglutide is a GLP-1 agonist that is a once-weekly, injectable prescription medication used to improve control of type 2 diabetes or overweight adults when diet and exercise, do not adequately maintain blood sugar levels. It works by stimulating insulin production and regulating blood sugar and is thought to promote weight loss.

Who can Use it?

The FDA approved Semaglutide for use in adults who are obese or have diabetes and cannot lose weight with diet and exercise alone .

What are the Benefits?

Semaglutide offers a number of benefits that have been demonstrated in the research. These benefits include decreased time in glucose hypoglycemia, improved post-meal blood glucose levels, and improved fasting blood glucose levels and glucose control in the diet.

Semaglutide has been described by doctors as twice as effective as any prescription weight loss produced on the market, likening it to the equivalent of having gastric bypass surgery.

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Recent Reviews

My brother, came down with Covid, he doesn’t have health insurance so going to the ER was out of the question. A good friend of mine, told me about Nurse Nikki, we made an appointment, they came out and checked his vitals, gave him an IV and an injection of vitamin D3, he is doing so much better now! Praise God for this service!

Dave V. | Google Review

I Love this company they helped me more ways then one I am a brand new survivor of cancer and ended up with double pneumonia COVID. They came to my home NO judgment loved me and cared for me with IVs and Nursed me back to health. They also did rapid testing on my family members. In my household to see if they were ok. I highly recommend this company. Nurse Nikki LOVES people and LOVES to help. She has an amazing staff that has the same values.

Amy L. | Google Review

My most recent visit with HHH was I had them come out to give me an IV because my energy was so low. My Nurse was great, very professional, very friendly and right on time. I'm glad I got the vitamin packed IV as well!!The times that I have dealt with Nurse Nikki she is so caring and always helps me feels better. I highly recommend her and her team, they are great.

Bridget M. | Google Review

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We now offer Semaglutide, a weight loss medication to assist adults in weight management. For…

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