About Us

Holistic Healing Heroes is proud to be a full-service mobile nursing company, offering IV therapy in Arizona and beyond. Although we are well known for the efficiency of our IV therapy service, this is far from all that we offer. We offer one of the most diverse catalogues of holistic healthcare services around.  The services that we provide allow our patients to receive high-quality treatments from the comfort of their own homes and can prevent hospitalization.


Our founder

Our company founder Nikki is the owner of Holistic Healing Heroes. She has been an RN for the past ten years and first started her nursing career in a naturopathic cancer clinic. This was where she first learned about the way liquid gold Vitamin C in high doses can kill cancer cells. This solidified her passion for all things holistic. After she left the clinic, she moved to a hospital setting, where she earned seven Daisy Awards in just one year. She covered a range of medical fields whilst in this environment, and these included oncology, medical surgery, sickle cell treatments, infusion, palliative care and wound care.

Nikki has also worked with a celebrity nutritionist who is also a close friend and has been filmed to be featured on a national TV show. More recently, Nikki founded Holistic Healing Heroes, which is now home to a pair of Naturopathic Doctors, two Nurse Practitioners and twelve RNs who are all very happy to be part of this unique service.


Who uses our services?

At Holistic Healing Heroes, we are proud to have an incredibly diverse range of clients. These include business owners, athletes, busy moms, people facing challenges with drugs and alcohol aiming to recover, spa owners who wish to provide additional services to their patients, Naturopathic Doctors' offices, chiropractor offices and families seeking their very own practitioner. We can provide treatments for kids too.

What are the most popular treatments offered by HHH?

We are a particularly popular source for IV therapy, IV vitamins, food poisoning treatments, migraine treatment, hangover cures, clear skin services, lupus, POTS and Hashimoto's treatments in Arizona and other areas.

The HHH difference

Several things set us apart from many other companies offering IV therapy. First of all, we are not one of the many companies that are owned by non-medical professionals that have just one medical director on their team. We are owned by a medical professional who is set to become a Nurse Practioner very shortly. We have also been studying vitamins and their uses for the past 12  years. What’s more is that we only ever use non-corn, non-GMO and preservative-free ingredients. We are proud to have multiple Naturopathic Doctors on our team. We were also the first company in Arizona to offer Covid-testing, and we also developed our very own IV with injections and supplements. Tracking shows that we have a 99% success rate over the past three years.

Feel free to get in touch with us right now to find out more about the holistic healthcare treatments that we offer. You can reach us by sending your email to holistichealingheroes@gmail.com or calling us on 480-330-3242.