What Patients Say?
Nikki not only took the time to come to my home and see my son, but while there also spoke to my entire family's health! She has a genuine concern and heart for all of us. I appreciated her patience in dealing with my son, as he presents many issues being on the Autism Spectrum. Then, even after showing up, she went out of her way to return with another friend in the medical field that gave us more helpful information about our son.

I reached out with questions, a few times now, and Nikki always takes time to answer them and make me feel loved once again. There is no substitute for excellence, and Nikki is exactly that, EXCELLENT! Praise God for you, Nikki, and how much you have blessed and changes our lives!"

Amanda was professional and very good at putting your mind at ease and feel comfortable! I will 100% be a repeat customer. Highly recommended!!!
Michael Marines

Nurse Nikki is a genuine person. She has a great heart. I had a rapid COVID test done. She was helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you.
Dean London

Nurse Nikki genuinely cares about healing and helping as many people as she can! Numerous times I have seen her drop what she is doing to get the help that is needed to those around her, we need more people in this world like her! In this hard Arizona heat, it’s so amazing being able to avoid the hospital when the heat becomes too much, instead we simply reach out to Holistic Healing Heroes and they bring everything we need right over to our home!
Amanda McDaniel

"Nikki is the best! Sweet, caring and knowledgeable."

"Nikki has a heart of GOLD! She is a very passionate person and someone I would trust with my own child. I am so grateful for her friendship, knowledge and GRIT. 💓."
Kelly Dee

Made me feel great at the convenience of my own home! Thank you Nurse Nikki and staff! Highly recommend these wonderful services!
Fernando Villalobos

Pita was on time, professional and caring. I felt amazing after my IV thats still continues today. Thank you Nikki and Pita
Jay Clayton

Amanda was amazing. She came here to take care of my little one and she kept my 7 year olds mind at ease.  Thank you so much for coming out here today. I would highly recommend there services.
Tiffany Taylor

"She offers 5 ⭐️ quality support & assistance. There is never a moment of doubt. As you work with Nikki you walk in a deep peace of care and love. She makes you feel like your the only person in the world and has a true gift of empathy. She meets your needs and stabilizes every situation. I believe with all my heart she is the absolute BEST 🙌🏽 look nowhere else. She is all you NEED 💪 she helped my wife and I deliver our 3rd child at home. She created a calm environment in the midst of a very difficult situation. We believed everything was going to be fine thanks to her professionalism and wisdom. We are forever grateful to Holistic Healing Heroes - Nurse Nikki 🤘🏽."our lives!"

I Love this company they helped me more ways then one I am a brand new survivor of cancer and ended up with double pneumonia COVID. They came to my home NO judgment loved me and cared for me with IVs and nursed me back to health. They also did rapid testing on my family members. In my household to see if they were ok.
I highly recommend this company. Nurse Nikki LOVES people and LOVES to help. She has an amazing staff that has the same values.
Amy London

My most recent visit with HHH was I had them come out to give me an IV because my energy was so low. My nurse was great, very professional, very friendly and right on time. I'm glad I got the vitamin packed IV as well!!The times that I have dealt with nurse Nikki she is so caring and always helps me feels better. I highly recommend her and her team, they are great.
Bridget Montoya


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