About Nurse Nikki
Nikki has been an RN for 10 years with extensive knowledge and training in Holistic and Integrative Modalities. She has an incredible team of medical directors including: Genius Naturopathic Doctors specializing in Thyroid and Hormones, Famous Neurospecialists, Cancer Nutritionists, Nurse Practitioners, and NDC's.

What sets Nikki apart from her peers? The rarity of finding a Holistic Healing Nurse is astounding! Nikki has a superior bedside manner and a genuine caring heart for her patients. Her aspirations and passion for Holistic Healing are unparalleled.

Awards & Recognition
Nikki graduated with Honors with her BSN.

“Best Holistic Nurse” award from her first employment opportunity as a Holistic Nurse in a Naturopathic Cancer Clinic.

Nominated for seven daisy awards in her first year as a hospital nurse, still educating her hospital patients about Naturopathy, nutrition, and homeopathy along the way.

“Best Wound Care Nurse” from a Home Health position where she practiced healing through many methods including honey, tinctures, and oils.

“The Butterfly Award” from a celebrity nutritionist working as the Lead Nurse in her office, while training Medical Students about Nutrition.

Nikki holds the highest ranking award for “Healing Environment” in her community.


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